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Drawing Children Into Reading

Teachers, children, donors, artists, hand and brain researchers, neighbors, administrators, volunteers, family, extended family, and friends thank you!

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A Closer Look at School Wide Implementation in St. Basil Catholic School; Pre-K - 8th

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First kindles the desire to engage in learning through drawing. We spark the critical development of fine motor skills when children listen, write and draw, Happiness is our fuel to build self-esteem. WE ignite pathways to a child's brain when their hands, eyes and ears are collectively executing the tasks. The eyes see the task. The ears help understand the task. The non-dominant hand is constantly repositioning the paper to best accomplish the task. The dominant hand executes the task with the power of muscle memory. Muscle memory is the enduring ability to empower automaticity. Automaticity is an automatic response pattern or habit, and is the key to unlocking literacy in ALL its forms.


Drawing Children Into Reading



(in that order).

Drawing Children Into Reading
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Meet The Team


Wendy Anderson Halperin is a published children’s book illustrator of over 30 books. Since 2006 Wendy has dedicated her life to developing lessons children can gain essential skills for their future success. Her gentle manner on screen allows students to peacefully engage in her step-by-step lessons where they build their confidence and learn best practices to help them to better express themselves. She’s filmed over 700 lessons so far with more on the way. Working together with teachers, principals, parents, and children, she shares her artistic abilities in a way that children easily follow along and feel good about what they create with her. The world of education is forever enriched by her commitment to children.

Since 2010 Holley Lawson has enthusiastically helped weave this project all together. Holley is DCIR’s Director of Operations and works closely with Wendy on many aspects of the program. With her graphic design background, English degree, experience working with young people and love for anything creative her talents lend to her wearing many hats in this organization. Having been witness to the gains and confidence her children have experienced with this program she believes wholeheartedly in the benefits DCIR brings to children. In our country’s history, there has never been a greater need to bring creativity into the home and classroom. It is Holley’s honor to help with this mission.

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Terry Rose Saunders has represented a broad range of individuals, small businesses, public corporations and not-for-profits in complex civil business and constitutional law litigation. She has advised public and private educational institutions and remains committed to supporting organizations that provide educational opportunities for students of all ages. Terry brings a wealth of legal knowledge and know how as a DCIR board member and is always willing to help to help with legal questions but also to establish proper contracts and policies. We are forever thankful for her spirit, time, and commitment to helping grow this company.

Angel Jacobsen came to the organization as a guiding force in helping to finalize our latest website that you are currently viewing. She is the owner of Mothers Bookworx whose mission is providing friendly and fierce business services. While her primary focus is bookkeeping for trades and nonprofits, her creative outlet is fostered through building and maintaining websites. Angel lives near Grand Junction and is the mother of a very needy Mastiff, has 3 adult children and 11 grandchildren living all over the world. We are forever grateful for Angel's many talents at DCIR!


Scott Whiteford is a valued member of the team, the Secretary of DCIR and has been on its board since its transition to a 501(c)3 corporation in 2015. He has a background in financial and tax consulting, organizational structures/contracts, banking, and real estate. What drew him into DCIR was—and still is—the passion that the team all shares in educating the next generation through unconventional methodologies, especially those pertaining to hands-on, visual learners like himself. He now has three young children, and they thoroughly enjoy Ms. Wendy’s lessons every week!

Judy Graff is a former Whirlpool Corporation Director and honors us by serving as DCIR’s Vice President. Although retired, in her many years of service to her community, Judy served on the Casco Township Board as a Trustee, was President of Lakeshore Women Who Care and a Mediation Services Board Member. She’s been involved with DCIR for many years, brings new contacts to the table, keeps us following procedure, challenges us to think outside the box, and has helped to fund a number of schools and projects surrounding the work we do here at Drawing Children Into Reading.


Nancy DeKoning was an active elementary school teacher in Kalamazoo MI for many years and has since retired. She taught kindergarten, first, second and third grades during her career as an educator and brings a wealth of knowledge about young children, classrooms, and teaching. She was instrumental in helping set up the first magnet school in Kalamazoo Public Schools and brings that knowledge to the DCIR table. Over the years Nancy has helped with fundraiser organization, collecting of donation items, funding great causes that further DCIR’s outreach and a great member of our board.

Joel Halperin has been involved in hiring, supervising, and managing staff, operations, and supplies in several high-end establishments during his career. He has two small children who are growing up with the DCIR curriculum and, as a parent, has seen proof of its effectiveness. Joel has been in an advisory position at DCIR since the program began in 2006 and now, he sits on the DCIR board as our treasurer. He has helped cook at fundraisers, offered direction at our weekly meetings, supplied great advice in moving the program forward and we are grateful for his contributions.


we encourage all ages, all professionals, all children, on all spectrums, to engage in our drawing lessons. Just sharpen a pencil and get started.

Don't compare your work to Wendy's work or anyone else's. You are unique and on your own path. Just enjoy the process.

Young or advanced in years, your world matters to us! WE hope to inspire, ignite, and uplift individuals across the world.

Draw, Write, and Read, in that order.

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created this program

Tricia & Arnette Heintze
Scott Whiteford
Terry Rose Saunders
George Saunders
Judy Graff
The Reams Foundation
Judi Stimpson
Laura Rusin
Johannah Dillion
Arsenio and Jarrold Suarez
Charles and Mary Moore
Norman Siegel
Linda Krueriea
Suzanne and Tom Cook
Cathy and Rick Albro
Chad Marcoux
Pam and Walter Kunzel
Meghan Ellis
Charles and Sharon Ippel
Jennifer Anderson
Nickie Antoon
Nora Arnold
Shannon Baker
Kathy Barr-Gomoluch
Pam Becker
Helene Berden
Cathey Brennan
Christine Brown
Lisa Croft
Debby Cullington
Michelle Davis
Char DeGrave
Rhonda Delnick
Kara Dennings
Kathy Doan
Tyler Draper
Jessica Eberhart
Cara Forward
Michele Hayre
Kelly Henry
Emily Johnson
Cheryl Kalinowski
Lisa Kolman
Beth Krajenke
Laurie Krantz
Carol LaMay
Jamie LaMay
Yvette Latimer
Rachel Lewandowski
Sandy Mafczewski
Kate Majewski
Cassandra Mattoon
Erin McGovern
Sandi McKean
Rachel Nowe
Cheri Pederson
Kim Phipps
Terri Quinn
Brenda Rees
Michelle Ressler
Sue Riehl
Robin Runk
Candace Sawden
Connie Schafer
Pam Sharrow
Desiree Sickels
Ms. Slavinski
Lauren Smith
Mary Spors
Marilyn Strader
Christine Swain
Tracy Thomas
Nicole Trudeau
Susan Vamos
Pat VanderLaan
Martha Van Raaphorst
Cheryl Viinikainen
Michelle Woycik
Laura Ynclan
Colleen Aben
Beth Adams
Karen Adams
Elissa Anderson
Michelle Anderson
Robyn Anderson
Stacy Anderson
Jodi Andrews
Olivia Boehm
Bonna Andrus
Lindsay Arnold
Katie Austin
Amanda Babcock
Jodi Bajko
Gail Baker
Deanne Barcey
Jen Bares
Lynn Barrette
Marilyn Barriera
Jennifer Baxter Knipper
Yvette Bertolet
Stephanie Bishop
Penni Blohm
Olivia Boehm
Tami Boomsma
Julie Brancati
Amy Brecheisen
Jeannie Breen
Lorie Briggs
M. Brochers
Amy Brown
Andrea Brown
Jacqueline Brown
Katie Bugbee
Molly Burnett
Carmen Burrus
Mary Butoric
Jill Cardosa
Will Cares
Debbie Carew
Erin Carlson
Joel Halperin
Sarah Koch
Sue LaFave
Jennifer Lane
Kate Langhart
Kellie Leroy
Juanita Luckett
Michelle Maxon
Kenya May
Lance Mayhew
Amy McNulty
Alysia Medema
Megan Patnaude
Paulette Pepin
Louana Prunty
Joanne Purdon
Juanita Richardson
Pamela Rodey
Nora Lee Sandala
Cassandra Shaffer
Andy Slivka
Shannon Sly
Amanda Spreitzer
Carrie Stephenson
Jessica Strye
Heather Swayne
Sonya Thorns
Faith Tom
Kim Tomoff
Ashton Ulrich
Sheri Vachon

Clausine Carson
Lauralee Chambers
Sandy Chenet
Misty Chipchase
Kelly Church
Renee Clark
Amy Clay
Katie Closson
Leeanne Cockrell
Veena Cole
Darcy Connolly
Christy Cook
Cathy Cooper-Stickney
Cathy Core
Betty Culp
Yiling Cumings
Margie D’Astici
Elice Davey
Jolene Davey
Debby Davis
Tiffany DeClerck
Danielle DeFauw
Jason DeLille
Amy Deloria
Amy Depolo
Cheryl DesEnfants
Nikki DeVary
Laura DeVries
Beth Diepstra
Tiffany Dietzel
Leslie Disterheft
Julie Dombrowski
Karissa Dooley
Patsy Dowell
Julie Doyle
Laura Drechel
Katie Drinkard
Angela Dziadzio
Amy Echevarria
Tiffany Eden-Frost
Colleen Effrick
Diane Elton
Susan Ericksen
Jessica Esquivel
Kali Fausett
Jill Fausey
Tracy Feliz
Jodie Ferrell
Carrie Fickel
Brigid Finucane
Amy Fisher
Amy Fitch
Andrea Flectcher
Rachel Fletter
Christy Flowers
Judy Ford
Carey Fouts
Melissa Frendo
Marcy Freyling
Sarah Furney
Loretta Gagnon
Amanda Gascho
Kathy Gatchalian
Carol Gesaman
Julie Giachino
Lesie Gitel
Nancy Gilbert
Marianne Gossman
Karen Green
Allison Greenfield
Alison Groenboom
Polly Groos
Anita Grosvenor
Karen Gunderson
Teresa Gunter
Holly Haan
Mary Halewicz
Tonia Halley
Angie Harder
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Kim Heumann
Michelle Heyser
Suzie Hlavach
Kristen Hoag
Denise Hodges
Emily Hoke
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Cathy Houghtaling
Lisa Howard
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Bethany Humphreys
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Jennifer Jarvis
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Cheryl Jones
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Erin Kangas
Pam Kappmeyer
Kelly Karas
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Alysia Medema
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Peg Mulherin
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Ginger Sain
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Laura Kinney
Pam Kinnucan
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Vicky Kirby
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Michelle Klupchak
Kathy Knox
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Michelle Ladd
Linda LaFleur
Julie Laird
Janet LaLonde
Mrs. LaLonde
Jessica Land
Kim Lanham
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Kathy Leach
Karen Leffler
Nicole Lehmkuhl
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Debra LeRoche
Robyn Loewe
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Kimberly Macklin
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Joanne Majerle
Lisa Maki
Shannon Martin
Sarah Masters
Rebecca Matthews
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Sandra McMuaig
Jenell McKee
Marlene F. McNamee
Cindy Mieland
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