Draw to Know

What is it about the pencil, the eraser, the clean white paper and 64 beautiful colors that is “so,
so, so much fun”

Lincoln said, “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad I feel bad”. Is that it? Is it because
doing a drawing is a “do good” activity and feeling. Is it because there is not a wrong drawing? I
made it, it’s my drawing, it’s my experience, it’s my path, it’s my hand, it’s my paper for my eyes
to appreciate and learn from. My eyes can tell myself things about my work.

The beautiful thing about drawing is that you can SEE yourself get better. What else gives you
that feeling? Taste? You can taste a thing or exercise and feel yourself get stronger. Drawing is

The more you know about a subject – for example a bicycle. When you understand what each
part does

DRAW BIKE……….this wheel turns the back wheel, see where the seat attaches, see where
the front wheel attaches?

Drawing is not what you see, it is what you know.

Drawing is doing. It’s learning but it’s also fun because you can color it anyway you want. It
becomes your bike, no one else’s. You can put bikes in your letters, your reports, your birthday cards, your room or sell them at your lemonade stand