Drawing Builds Listening Skills

It will be a student’s challenge all through their educational journey to listen. I mean listen
carefully. It takes concentration to listen. We as humans have to even get better at listening to
ourselves and our fleeting thoughts that disappear like the blink of an eye.
Listening and processing drawing directions trains the brain so much more than just teaching one to develop drawing skills. A 5 year old is given approximately 130 directions in an hour. As the weekly directives accelerate gradually so does that processing ability. You may be asking how?
When the pencil has a sharp point we can add more detailed details—that’s the point.
Listening carefully is a command we tell ourselves. It takes concentration to listen.
Learning demands listening.
After a student has had 3 years of drawing directions, on a weekly basis, an 8 year old can process up to 350 directions in an hour.

“I have learned a great deal from listening.” ~ Hemmingway
Take a walk in the moonlight and start listening to yourself.